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Authors are requested to put up their posters in the morning of their session. Every poster should be noted in the conference transcript with a brief description. The numbers and letters preceding the full stop refer to the session, the numbers coming after the full stop represent the number of the display wall which is reserved for your poster within this session and which will be marked correspondingly. Each poster should be no larger than 85 cm x 120 cm. (A0 placed vertically).

Authors are requested to be available at their poster for at least half of the length of their poster session. Please provide the information when you will be available.

Please remember to remove your poster at the end of the poster session if you would like it to be preserved. Any posters remaining on display walls after the poster session will be removed and destroyed without requesting your permission one hour after the session.

The conference management cannot assume any liability!

The areas for poster sessions:

Poster A Wirtschaft und Recht
Poster B1 Physik
Poster B2 Vorklinikum
Poster C1 Chemie
Poster C2 Chemie
Poster D Zentralbibliothek
Poster E Vielberth-Gebäude

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