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Scientific presentations will be either oral or by poster. Most of the presentations will be given in English.

Oral presentation

Lecturers are requested to provide their presentations in electronic form. All lecture theatres are equipped with projectors “beamers”, and a majority offer radio microphone amplifiers. OHPs are not available.

Because of the large number of lecture theatres no laptops are provided; lecturers are requested to bring their own laptops. Furthermore, the lecture should be recorded onto a USB stick as back-up in PDF and power point format.

Short lectures should take 12 minutes with 3 minutes for discussions; the main lectures (without discussion) must not exceed 45 minutes.

All lecture theatres will be opened, at the latest, 45 minutes prior to the lecture. Lecturers are requested to be in the lecture theatre at least 25 minutes prior to the start of the session, to report to the chairperson of the session as well as the technical staff to ensure that the laptops handshake with the beamers and to receive a brief introduction to the equipment in the lecture theatre.

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